Monitoring Visit of COO

In a proactive move to ensure continued success of the educational institutions, Ms. Shagufta Noreen, the COO of Taaleem Foundation embarked on a whirlwind tour of 06 campuses of TFGSS during towards the end of October 2023.

The purpose of the COO’s visit was multifaceted, with a focus on assessing and enhancing various aspects of the educational system.  The COO delved into student performance metrics, seeking to identify areas of strength and improvement in order to provide the best learning experience for them. She conducted comprehensive assessments to monitor the quality of teaching standards. As examination periods are crucial for students, a meticulous review of exam preparation processes was undertaken to ensure students’ readiness.

In addition, identifying and addressing administrative issues or concerns that might impact the smooth functioning of the campuses also remained on the priority agenda.

The COO’s commitment to the essential aspects of education system reflects TF’s dedication to providing the best possible quality of education for its students.

These visits underscore TF’s continued efforts to maintain and improve the high standards they are known for. The organization remains committed to its mission of shaping the future leaders and promoting academic excellence.

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