Our Achievements

Taaleem Foundation Grammar School System has achieved a reputation of imparting quality education in the deprived tribal communities, where the municipal civic amenities, communication infrastructure and access to electricity, health, education and clean drinking water were almost non-existent. From these remotest parts of the country, the students of Taaleem Foundation are now serving the nation with pride as professionals, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, consultants, government officers and community support social activists. Some have earned scholarships abroad and a few of them are also working in multi-national companies abroad.

As per the latest statistics available with Taaleem Foundation, several members of the TF alumni have been able to continue their higher studies, through TF’s scholarship program or through self-finance schemes. Apart from it several students have been pursuing their secondary and higher secondary education in prestigious institutions like Lawrence College (Ghora Gali, Murree), Pak Turk (Islamabad, Quetta & Lahore), Burn Hall (Abbottabad), Sadiq Public School (Bhawalpur), Lahore Grammar School (Multan), Beacon House System (Quetta, Rahim Yar Khan), City School (Quetta, Karachi) and in several military colleges and cadet colleges around the country; to name a few.

Numerous students got admissions in seats of higher learning, including professional colleges & universities, like GIK Institute of Science & Technology, University of Management & Technology (UMT) Lahore, Lahore University of management Sciences (LUMS) Lahore, Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore, King Edwards Medical College (KEMC) Lahore, Government College University (GCU) Lahore and Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad. many students were also able to seek admission on open merit in leading European universities for higher education. Taaleem Foundation has equipped the students with knowledge, which has made them successful in competing with students of other developed provinces.

With the enhanced knowledge, the TF alumni has now taken a noticeable share in the national / provincial civil services, armed forces of Pakistan and other business / managerial assignments, besides their deployment in technical fields of medicine, engineering, agriculture and livestock. TF alumni have been able to contribute thousands of professionals who are gainfully deployed in the field on responsible positions.

Taaleem Foundation’s Grammar School System, an initiative in mainstream education, has stirred the tribal society as an activist institutional agent of change for engineering social change, creatively. It has mobilized the concerned communities for collective thinking, with a view to achieve a self-supportive, self- contained and self-reliant growth model for integrated community development.

The model has stood the test of time in the communities served by the Taaleem Foundation.