Procedure of Examination

To maintain the quality of schooling, examinations play a very important role. To achieve the desired goal, Taaleem Foundation has set up its own ‘Board of Examination’ that conducts collective board exams for all students of the system enrolled in all the classes from grade IV to grade VIII.

The two key aspects on which the Board of Examinations revolve are effectiveness and transparency. To assure that effectiveness is achieved annually, the procedures have been set out and are annually reviewed to include best practices. In order to achieve transparency, an external collaborator/observer is involved to ensure the presence of a third party collaborator or observer. The procedures set out to execute the final examinations are:

  1. A collaborator, a renowned academic consultant or an educational institute, is selected for the role of Joint Controller of Examinations. The collaborator is supposed to maintain a third party presence in the conduct of final examinations which includes performing various tasks mentioned underneath.
  2. The question papers are prepared and checked by the collaborator which forms a committee of academic professionals, outside the system. The papers are printed in a secure environment in order to prevent the paper getting leaked. The centralized operations of Taaleem Foundation acts as a facilitator in terms of logistics. It is responsible to deliver the question papers, mobilize invigilators at every station and receive the papers.
  3. The examination center is administered by invigilators who are not associated with the specific branch of Taaleem Foundation. At few times, government teachers have also been used for the purpose of invigilation.
  4. The solved answer sheets are sealed in cartons and are delivered to Islamabad from where the centralized operations deliver the cartons as received to the collaborator. Moreover, the answer sheets which are not signed are not graded. Furthermore, the invigilators also have to maintain the record of the answer sheets taken by a particular student during a particular exam.
  5. The collaborator submits the gazette along with an analytic report to the centralized operations and the Board of Directors in the first week of January and the results are announced every year between 2nd and 3rd weeks of January. 
  6. Those students who score over all top positions are given prizes and certificates. Additional scholarships are also awarded on the basis of performance in the papers for the students who completed Grade 8. Many students of Taaleem Foundation are availing scholarships at Pak Turk Schools, Military Colleges and in Sadiq Public School (Bahawalpur).