e-School Introduction

e-School is a joint product of Taaleem Foundation and ICT4E (SMC-PVT) LIMITED, developed over few years and deployed in all the schools run by Taaleem Foundation during the academic session of 2015. While Taaleem Foundation is a mainstream quality education system in Pakistan, ICT4E is a consulting firm, specializing in EdTech, educational R&D, including curriculum research, teachers training, e-content development, animated educational videos, on-line teaching and finding technology enabled solutions to social sector needs, including education, empowerment, energy and environment.


Knowledge-based society by way of integrating innovative solutions in social change.


Quality Schooling through value based content and modern pedagogical techniques, using ICT.


1. To upgrade and modernize public / private sector educational institutions for providing premium quality schooling through use of Innovative Technologies.

2. To re-brand and reposition the educational services in mainstream schooling while improving cost-efficiency.

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