Social Impact

Recognized as the Social Entrepreneurship Project of the year by a USA based think-tank ‘PUSH Institute’ in June 2005, Taaleem Foundation was selected as one of the two success stories in Asia (the other being Grameen Mobile of Bangladesh) invited to share experience for replicating this conceptual model in Africa and Latin America to combat poverty and crime.

Taaleem Foundation (TF) has been providing quality co-education in rural Balochistan since 1989. The TF Grammar School System has brought benefits for the local populaces, which are manifold. It has empowered the society socially, which has in return built capacities i.e. has made them move towards becoming an educated community. With every passing day, the positive changes become vividly clear.

Over the years, several changes can be observed in the lifestyle of the communities TF has been able to touch. The health and hygiene conditions have improved due to the awareness TF faculty provides to the students, which has tremendously improved family life in the communities. Moreover, in order to bridge the gender gap, TF has launched several interventions during all this period to improve the enrollment of girls, which has resulted in considerable number of educated females in these districts, where literacy rate among females hovers around 10-15%. With the girls’ participation rate of 35% in a co-education format, TF has successfully sowed the seeds of focused social change in order to grow a forward-looking tolerant society.

In all these efforts, the core feature that has helped in achieving the above-mentioned goals has been community participation. TF is a unique model of private-public partnership. The presence of TF has helped in fostering better relationships between the community and the incumbent local administration. Today we observe an increase of self-reliance awareness in the community, which has created qualities of initiating a good cause and driving it to success later on. Taaleem Foundation in collaboration with the community and the government has been able to achieve the following marvelous results:

The efforts of the visionaries of the foundation would have gone in vain if success could not have been able to be transferred into long-term benefits to the community. Today, we see Balochistan developing into a society, which preaches and implements the values that are essential for the growth of a human race. Together, with all internal and external stakeholders on board, we move towards achieving the prosperity the province has been waiting for and striving hard since long.