e-School Background

The e-Learning refers to classroom lessons from a remote end through use of modern technology. It comprises live lectures and pre-recorded video content through on-net video streaming as well as off-net data transfer arrangements.

Taaleem Foundation has conceived, developed and launched a unique project for education, training and knowledge dissemination, providing opportunity to hundreds of people across the country to access high quality education & training through state of the art tools and technologies.

The project creates a need for general public to get on the bandwagon of Internet and digital age through education, training and interactivity. Through this proposition Live Video connectivity is being established using IP publishing Nodes. These nodes would subsequently be extended to different training centers across Pakistan, connected via broadband. Student at each location will be able to not only watch the live training sessions, but will also be able to get connected live with Instructor and ask questions.

This activity of live two-way video will be visible to every one across nation, taking part in the class at that time. The trainees get control of the content and transmission both, through interaction and features like Recording, Rewind, Re Runs, Training Video on Demand; and today the viewers want – “on demand & on the go” type of a recipe, which they could control and watch at their own time and will.

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