Management of Examination

Since 1994 Taaleem Foundation has been conducting its own centralized examinations for all students from grade IV to VIII. The Controller of Examinations is independent of the school operations; hence ensures fair-play, secrecy, transparency and quality.

Responding to the need of involving the presence of a third party, Taaleem Foundation formed a collaboration with University of Management and Technology (UMT) for the 2009 session. UMT Lahore conducted the examinations successfully and the sessions following it helped Taaleem Foundation to improve it’s examination and academic system overall.

In 2010, Taaleem Foundation formed a committee of senior teachers and academic professionals who belonged to Beaconhouse School System and The City Schools in  Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Committee conducted the annual examinations and provided the examiners for the purpose.

Based on years of experience in collaborating, in the year 2011, Taaleem Foundation collaborated with Cadet College Hassanabdal (CCH) for the purpose of managing the annual examination system. Following were the services which were provided by the faculty of CCH:

  1. Setting of Papers
  2. Facilitating in the management of the annual examinations
  3. Providing Examiners for the process of paper checking
  4. Training of Principals and Teachers
  5. Sharing inputs in order to improve the academic performance for the coming years.

From 2012 Taaleem Foundation strengthened in-house capacity at the head office to set up the office of “Controller of Examination” in order to conduct the annual board examinations by way of engaging a pool of professional resource persons to set up examination papers, do the centralized marking and compile results. The controller office then analyses the results, prepares annual gazette and presents its reports to the Academic Council of the Board for consideration and endorsement.

Upon endorsement, annual gazette of TF Board of Examination is presented by the Academic Council to the Board of the Directors for approval.