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Head Office
TF Basement, State Life Building #05, Phase 01, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Person
Mr. Ali Inam
+92 51 2827798

Liaison Office
2nd Floor Firdousi Building, Rustum G-Lane Jinnah Road, Quetta, Pakistan
+92 81 2822481

Regional Office
ARC Building, 88-A, Chaman Housing Scheme, Airport Road, Quetta.
+92 300 8388945

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Latest News:
  • 4th September 2013, Virtual University links up with Taaleem Foundation for establishing a private Virtual campus see more
  • 5th September 2013, Virtual University links up with Taaleem Foundation for establishing a private Virtual campus see more
  • 6th September 2013, Virtual University links up with Taaleem Foundation for establishing a private Virtual campus see more
Taaleem Foundation
News & Events
  • Labour Day at TFGS Pishin
    On 01 May 2016, Labour Day celebration at TFGS Pishin
  • Visit of DC Dera Bugti at TFGS Sui
    On 21 April 2016, DC Dera Bugti visited TFGS Sui
  • Visit of President Al-Khidmat Foundation at TFGS Pishin
    On 15 April 2016, President of Al-Khidmat Foundation along with team visited TFGS Pishin
  • Sports Gala at TFGS Mastung
    On 11 April 2016, Sports Gala started at TFGS Mastung
  • Visit of Delegation from Govt. of AJK at TFGS Sui
    On 29 March 2016, a delegation from Govt. of AJK visited TFGS Sui
  • Pakistan Day Celebration at TFGS Sui
    On 23 March 2016, Pakistan Day was celebrated at TFGS Sui
  • Visit of TEC Professional at TFGS Loralai
    On 17 March 2016, TEC Professional from Karachi visited TFGS Loralai
  • Visit of Officer of Balochistan TEVTA at TFGS Mastung
    On 17 March 2016, Officer of Balochistan TEVTA visited TFGS Mastung
  • Visit of Serendip Team at TFGS Sui
    On 15 March 2016, Team from Serendip visited TFGS Sui
  • Visit of Members Advisory Board at VTI Sui
    On 14 March 2016, Members Advisory Board visited VTI Sui
  • Visit of Member Advisory Board and ADC Loralai to TFGS Loralai
    On 13 March 2016, Member Advisory Board and ADC Loralai visited TFGS Loralai
  • Sports Gala 2016 at TFGS Sui
    On 10 March 2016, Sports Gala was organized at TFGS Sui
Let Us
Prominent Alumni
  • Ms. Sobia Asad - Change Management Consultant at the Westpac Bank, Sydney
    The first girl child of TF completed her Masters in Business Information System from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She is an Accredited Change Manager (ACM) from the Change Management Institute, Australia.
  • Mr. Bilal - Vice President at the Swiss Reinsurance Company in London, UK
    Mr. Bilal started his education at TF Grammar School Zhob. He is a graduate in IT from the Curtin University Australia and Economics from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Shoaib Bin Zafar - Relationship Management Analyst at "The Global Fund, Geneva Switzerland"
    "Thank you TF for giving me the start to the journey and For shaping me into the individual I am today." - Shoaib
  • Mr. Imran Zarkoon - Director General of Balochistan Levies at Quetta
    An alumni of TF Kohlu - graduated from Government College Lahore and joined the executive cadre of Balochistan Civil Service.
  • Mr. Ali Inam - Manager ICT at Taaleem Foundation
    "I really enjoyed my time at Zhob school. I think it was 1990 or 1991 when I was admitted there. Still remember the place, the people, and teachers. Learned so much from them. Pleased to hear that Taaleem Foundation has grown so much since that time. A message for Sir Zafar “Thank you” - Ali Inam
  • Mr. Farman Zarkoon - Assistant Director at NICL, Karachi
    An alumni of TF Kohlu completed his software engineering degree GIK Institute of Science & Technology; and his Masters in International Economy from the University of Freiberg, Germany.
  • Ms. Arfa Siddique - Member Board of Directors - Taaleem Foundation
    "She is a Member of Balochistan Provincial Assembly, who is among alumnus of TF Grammar School, Muslim Bagh. She is the first student of TF Grammar School System who has made it to the parliament. She has done BS in IT and Masters in Political Science. In Balochistan parliament, she is member of the Standing Committee on Industries, Mining, Mineral Development, Labour and Manpower; Social Welfare, Women Development, Zakat usher, Haj Auqaf, Minority Youth Affair; and Information, Sports, Culture, Archeology, Museum and Libraries. She joined the Board of Directors of Taaleem Foundation in January 2015."
  • Ms. Gulrukh Shah - Dental Surgeon
    "I’m proud to be a student of Taaleem Foundation. I am so happy with what I learned and the people I met at TF. No matter how much you think your school life is boring, you’ll always miss it when you leave."
  • Mr. Dost Muhammed Bugti - Assistant Superintendent of Police
    "My career and character commenced building in TF school on sound ground .The subject matter studied at the school and the overall ambiance provided me an opportunity to use my full potential and achieve self-actualization. All the teachers were excellent but I still remember Madam Kaneez Fatima and Nabila for their affection, love and guidance."
  • Attique Shah - Lecturer (BS-18) at BUITEMS (IT Department)
    "I will just like to say that what I am today is due to the school time, the fun we had in overtime sessions and the hard work we did during the exams." - Attique
  • Jan Muhammad - Masters in Economics & Student of CA Foundation Inter level (ICAP)
    "Studying in Taaleem Foundation was one of my wonderful experiences. This school equipped me with moral, social and intellectual values which came in handy to me at my later stage of career. I am proud to be a student of this prestigious institution." - Jan Muhammad
  • Mohammad Yousaf - Networking Engineer in M/S 360 Technologies (Pvt) General Post Office Loralai.
    "The days passed with my teachers, class fellows and especially Ms. Sultana Hameed Sattar the then Principal at Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Loaralai were lovely." - Mohammad Yousaf
  • Mohammad Arif - President of Zanoora Cancer Society - Quetta
    "I spent my most happiest life at TFG…… Thank you TFG to make my base and made me a successful student……. Bundle of thanks to sir DR ZAFAR QADIR" - Mohammad Arif
  • Muhammad Suleman Sani - PRO at PHE Department
    "I am Ex-Student of Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Kohlu express a profound and unprecedented gratitude to my worthy Principal of School and Teachers for their valuable guidance, cooperation ,keen interest, and supervision during entire course of studies." - Muhammad Suleman Sani
  • Bilal Ahmed - Student -Petroleum & Gas Engineering -BUITEMS
    "Good memories are there, love to go TF school again but it’s not possible. Want to do something good for my school for its better future." - Bilal Ahmed
  • Lt. Jahangir Shaheed - Pak Army - Kohlu
    "Lt. Jahangir Shaheed was an alumni of TF Grammar School Kohlu, was commissioned in 34 Baloch Regiment of the Pakistan Army. He laid his life fighting against terrorists in Swat operation during 2009."
Our Outreach
Achievers Corner
  • Zaid s/o Faisal Mahmood

    1st position class – 5
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Shahid Khan s/o Akhtar Muhammad

    2nd position in class – 5
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Amjad Khan s/o Dad Ullah

    3rd position in class – 5
    at TFBOE-2104;
  • Hameed Ullah s/o Abdullah

    1st position in class – 6
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Muhammad Faraz s/o Abdul Gahfar

    2nd position in class – 6
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Muhammad Amin s/o Bagh Ali

    3rd position in class – 6
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Ijaz Ahmad s/o Ghulam Sher

    3rd position in class – 6
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Khuda Bakhsh s/o Faqeer Muhammad

    1st position in class – 7
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Salma Bibi d/o Abdul Rasheed

    2nd position in class – 7
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Aurangzaib s/o Haji Muhamamd Khan

    3rd position in class – 7
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Daro Khan s/o Janan Khan

    1st position in class – 8
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Aroosa Nargis d/o Muhammad Qasim

    2nd position in class – 8
    at TFBOE-2104
  • Muskan d/o Kundan Lal

    3rd position in class – 8
    at TFBOE-2104